Miyazaki Mango

Miyazaki Mango plants for sale in Pakistan.

Japenes Miyazaki mango plants available for sale in pakistan.

Some Informations about Miyazaki mango

Miyazaki is known as the worlds most expensive mango. Price of japenes Miyazaki mango sometimes reaches to hundreds of thousands dollars per kilogram. it is said to be that miyazaki mango is 20% more sweeter than the other breeds of irwin mangoes. Miyazaki is a type of “irwin” mango which is different from the yellow mango widely grown in Southeast Asia. It contains beta-carotene and folic acid and is considered to be rich in antioxidants. Miyazaki Mango breed was initially originated in America later reached to Japan. Exceptional taste, elegant color, and meticulous cultivation methods make these luxury mangoes world most expensive. Despite their exorbitant price, their limited supply and the deep-rooted love for mangoes in Asia have made Miyazaki Mangoes a sought-after delicacy in the countries. Here is some mis-understanding that if you grow miyazaki mango and think that it will be sold in thousands of dollrs per kilograms. Actually when Miyazaki crop rips poeple set them for sale in bidding especially in Japan, China, Tiwan and Middle east countries. So sometimes bidding price reaches to hundreds of thousands of dollars per kilogram. But Normaly you can buy Miyazaki mango at the rate of 100+ dollars per unit and other mangoes from 1 to 20 dollars in different countries. According to this Still Miyazaki is high price mango.

What Makes Miyazaki Mangoes The Most Expensive Mangoes In The World

The Miyazaki Mangoes owe their unique characteristics to the fertile soils and ideal climatic conditions of their origin. Located on the southern island of Kyushu, the Miyazaki Prefecture experiences a temperate climate with ample sunshine, high humidity, and well-drained volcanic soil. These factors contribute to the growth of mangoes with intense flavours, vibrant colours, and an exquisite balance of sweetness and acidity.

Japan Miyazaki mango grafted plants are available with us in pakistan.

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