Sagwan (Teak) Information: Insights, Varieties, and Profitable Practices for Successful Plantation

The scientific name of teak (sagwan) is Tectona grandis. It is a plant of temperate humid climate and its scientific family is Limyasiae. It is known as teak in India and Pakistan. Teak is widely cultivated in Burma, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Africa, Brunei and America.

Differences between hybrid teak and native teak.

A teak plant grown from seed takes a long time to grow into a large and full tree. It is estimated that it can take 10 to 25 years for a plant grown from seed to develop. But if it is planted in hot humid and high humidity area, its growth will be faster.

The hybrid sagwan grows faster than the native plant. Hybrid plants are straight and uniform. It becomes a full tree in 10 years which can be sold. It should be cultivated in light sandy soil. The land should not be such that rain or canal water remains standing for a long time. And it is more beneficial for an area where there is also heat and the amount of moisture in the air is high like the areas of Sindh.

4 month 15 days plant age. 6.5 feet height hybrid

There are many varieties of teak in the world but the most valuable and popular variety is called “Golden Burma Teak”.

In which areas Sagwan can be cultivated?

All areas of Sindh, warm and coastal areas of Balochistan. Central and Lower Punjab.

Warm areas of upper Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where the temperature does not fall below 1.7 degrees Celsius in winter.

Such areas are useful for sagwan, but one thing must be taken care of in these areas that the rain water does not stand in the teak forest all the time. And areas where there is heavy rainfall and the temperature drops below 1.7 degrees Celsius in winter are not suitable for teak cultivation.

Dry climates and areas with low humidity:
However, its growth in these areas is less than in the coastal area, but it is beneficial if you are planting a hybrid variety.

In dry climates and areas with low humidity, if the plant is planted near the banks of canals, lakes or rivers, it will grow faster.

Sandy soil dries out quickly and the plant may suffer from lack of water. So light sandy soil is best for it. Or if you want to plant in a more sandy soil, make sure to arrange water. If the land is mine i.e. fertile and soft then it will be the best land for planting teak.

Planting season:

February, March, April is the best time to plant sagwan. However, it can also be transferred to the lands in August, September and October. In Punjab, young plants planted in August, September and October will have to be covered with plastic wrap for the first year to protect them from cold. After winter, the plant will grow 8 to 10 feet tall in a year and then tolerate the cold.

How many plants can be planted in an acre?

400 to 500 plants can be planted in an acre of eight kanals.

If you plant 9 feet on one side and 10 feet on the other side, 420 plants will be planted and there will also be three feet of free space around the acre so that there is a path for you and your neighbors to pass.

If you plant 9 feet on one side and 9 feet on the other side, then 500 plants will be planted in an acre and there will be no empty space on all four sides.

tissue culture hybrid sagwan

A hybrid plant produced by tissue culture.

If you plant 10 feet, 400 plants will be planted in an acre

How much income will be received from one acre?

At present, the minimum price of genuine Burma teak wood in the timber market is Rs 14,000 per cubic foot and a large tree yields 12 to 15 cubic feet of wood. According to the market, if the minimum price of sagwan wood is applied, one acre will be sold for 3 crore rupees. However, the income can be more than that. A tree will sell for Rs 75,000 even if the minimum price is given. Because every year there is inflation and the prices of things also go up and maybe ten years later when your tree is a tree, the price has gone up.

Root propagated teak plants

Characteristic of Sagwan wood:

The coin does not look like a termite
Its wood does not catch fire.
Its wood does not absorb moisture due to silica.
Teak wood does not deteriorate for two thousand years.
Put it in full sun, rain, or outside in a place where it will survive even if ten feet of snow falls on it.
Wood does not deteriorate before 70 years.

Types of teak wood:

1) Golden Burma Sagwan:

It is a wood from the teak forests of Burma and is considered the best wood in the world. Its color is golden and it has a high amount of natural teak oil due to which it is very strong.

2) Indonesian Teak:

Like Burma, this is a good species of teak with a growth time of thirty years. Due to the climate of Indonesia, this wood is also of good quality. Its color is light brown and the amount of oil is also quite high.

3) African Teak:

African teak is real teak, but it has less oil content and is therefore less strong than Burmese teak. And there are more knots in its wood

There is another teak of Africa which is not real teak. The name of this tree is Aruku. His form too
It is like teak.

4) South American Teak:

American teak is similar to Asian teak. It is very difficult to differentiate between the two. It also contains a lot of oil and silica. This is the forest of South America,it is found in.

Another American teak wood is available in the market but it is also not real teak. The name of this tree is Grafa.

Teak of India:

Indian teak is also a very popular wood. It is found in forests of Kerala state of India. Nilambar is an area of Kerala state where the British first planted teak plantations in 1842 to obtain artificial production of Sagwan. It is disputed that Nilambar is not the name of a hybrid variety, but the name of the region by which teak of India is known.

Teak of Thailand:

The teak of Thailand is considered better than the teak of Burma in terms of quality. Yes, you read absolutely right. The wood of Thailand is considered to be the best teak in the world and that is only because of Thailand’s excellent climate. Due to the overuse of the wood, its production has decreased, which is why the Thai government has banned the export of its saplings and wood.

Brazilian teak:

The teak of Brazil is not real teak, but the wood of the tree it is made from is called Coumaro. The properties and appearance of this wood are similar to teak but still cannot compete with teak. Its wood color is reddish brown. And the price is cheaper than teak.

Why Choose Aziz Nursery Farm for Teak Imports?

  1. International Quality Assurance: Aziz Nursery Farm sources Teak saplings from reputable international suppliers, ensuring that the genetic purity and quality of each plant meet stringent standards. This commitment to quality sets Aziz Nursery Farm apart as a reliable destination for premium Teak imports.

  2. Wide Range of Varieties: Teak enthusiasts can explore a diverse range of Teak varieties at Aziz Nursery Farm. From the renowned “Golden Burma Teak” with its distinctive golden hue to the resilient “Indonesian Teak” and the exotic “Thailand Teak,” the farm offers choices that cater to various preferences and climate conditions.

  1. Expertise in Import-Export Practices: Aziz Nursery Farm boasts a team of experts well-versed in international trade regulations, ensuring a smooth import process. The farm’s experience in handling Teak imports adds a layer of reliability for customers seeking hassle-free transactions.

  2. Optimal Growth Conditions: Recognizing the importance of providing the right environment for Teak cultivation, Aziz Nursery Farm advises on suitable growing conditions. Whether for local nurseries or individual enthusiasts, the farm’s expertise extends beyond imports to cultivating healthy Teak plants that thrive in diverse climates.


Aziz Nursery Farm’s commitment to delivering international quality Teak plants places it at the forefront of the horticulture industry. Whether you’re a landscape designer, commercial grower, or individual enthusiast, Aziz Nursery Farm welcomes you to explore the world of Teak/Sagwan with the assurance of quality, expertise, and a passion for transforming landscapes. Elevate your surroundings with Aziz Nursery Farm – where Teak excellence meets horticultural innovation.


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